Rhett Allen

Rhett Allen

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First Name * Rhett
Last Name * Allen
Username * RhettAllen
Country * USA
Languages English


Preferred Tools RiggingLightingTexturingModelingPythonMELAnimation


Availability: Freelance


I would call myself a digital problem solver. I got my degree in computer animation... however I don't like repeating myself... so I have to make a tool for everything (well I don't have to but if it's up to me then I will). I solve every problem I'm put up against in the digital realm and I like a challenge. Most problems I can solve pretty quick, but there are a few that I wouldn't have the time to finish in a work environment, but on my own I can waste quite a few days solving my problem. I work in all fields... whatever the project requires, but I would say I am most at home with things that use nodes... such as rigging and shading/lighting.

When I have satisfied my appetite for writing tools... I'm gonna jump back into the more artistic side. I believe code and art can coexist in a beautiful relationship.